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It is thought that can transform your actual existance. Inspirational ideas and dreams are messages from the spirit to guide you through your life journey, and therefore it is of utmost importance that your listen to them and let fate lead you to your true destiny, your life path.

On a day without light there is only darkness, And on a day without love only despair and longing. Let light into your life and you will rise, like the morning sun to pass on that light to others, And brighten their life.

There is a dream that young men have, to have the world at their feet. But the only dream that old men have, is to die in peace and their legacy.

Did you come here so we could meet, so that you could ease the loneliness, that pervades my mind?

All this, a life, is just a fleeting moment in eternity, So why should we be burdened with such unnecessary heartache and torment. Should we not just let the moment be for what it is, observe and enjoy it, For in time it will not matter one way or another.

There is only now; the past has flown by so quickly, the future is still just a dream.

Your every thought will be remembered for evermore, Your dreams will last an eternity, your memories will be treasured forever. Therefore, choose wisely your thoughts, dreams and actions, for they will be with you in eternity, unchanging, constant. This for some can be heaven and for others can be hell.

Your life will spiral and run away, if you don't take control. When you finally reflect upon your time on earth, only then will you notice that time passed by so quickly and that you did times bidding rather that the other way around.

The meaning of your life is within, Your hopes, wishes, and ideas, and dreams. If your eyes are open you will see.

TWith a faint wisp of light, all that was once darkness changed, now can at least see that there is a choice. There are options and differences, and all this is can be changed.

Thoughts are abstract things in a way, they come and go at their own bidding, and can make a profound effect or no effect upon your life. Follow your thoughts, and allow them to lead you to your dreams.

All things should flow in harmony, one minor discourse can lead to complete and utter chaos. So it is better to bend with the wind, than be broken by the hurricane. Better to see the light, than be blinded by darkness.
God is waiting for the conclusion of man's time on earth, Upon which man will be judged.