October, 2013 You must always have a clear vision, a desire, of what you want, then never give up until what you want is yours.

November, 2013 The magazine blog that brings together personal articles and news about advances in thought, science and technology.

September, 2013 A selection of motivational and inspirational quotations from 'The Book Of Life Series' by Steven Redhead.

July, 2013 CreativeMaterializations is intended as a guide for anyone that is searching for answers to life's many mysteries.

September, 2011 Success is the true joy and wonder of life can only be yours if you follow your own intuition, creating a life You truly deserve; aiming to achieve your bliss.

May, 2013 - Original site November 2003 Dedicated to bring original thought provoking ideas about life and its purpose, that through contemplation offer some answers to the meaning of your existance..

November, 2011 Your destiny becomes the accumulation of the choices that we make, the choises of which paths we took in life.

September, 2011 Designed to give inspirational seeds of thought that are intended to help you formulate the options for creating a better life.


September, 2011 Start changing your reality by setting your desires in motion by connecting to the heart consciousness, mould life to suit experiences you want.

November, 2011 Combine the power of creative consciousness’ of the heart, the mind and the higher self to manifest, modify and manage your total reality.

September, 2011 Start changing your reality by setting your desires in motion by connecting to the heart consciousness, mould life to suit experiences you want.

November, 2011 to August 2012 Tune into the creative abilities of your heart for it is the Key to accessing everything, the very essence of life.

April, 2010 Updated November 2011 Directing you towards creating a life that you truly deserve; start realizing your dreams, creating the things you actually desire.

April, 2010 Updated September 2011 Offers insights on how to Create a life that you deserve; opening your mind to the infinite possibilities that do exist.

April, 2010 Updated September 2011 Provides novel insight into what the Laws of Attraction are really about, how to harness the power of creation within us to make life what you truly desire. .

June 2010 Guidelines that will help you live your life as it was truly intended. The true joy and wonder of life can only be yours if you follow your own intuition aiming to achieve your bliss.

June, 2010 Updated September 2011 Aiming is to create life changing ideas that can enable everyone to live life as it was originally intended..

April, 2010 Updated September 2013 The Book about creating through desires, imagination, expectation, belief, the things that you desire in your life.

November, 2009 Updated March 2012 Providing inspirational yet practical ideas for changing your life for the better..

October, 2008 Within the tundra's of the mind lies many secrets that still remain undiscovered; abilities available that have still not been fully understood or utilized.

May 2008, 2008 Updated Sept 2011 A search for truth through going beyond the normal boundries of thought.

November, 2008 Bring thought provoking ideas and seeds for thought that will help you gain some insight.

April, 2007 You must always have a clear vision, a desire, of what you want, then never give up until what you want is yours.

August, 2005 There is much mysticism within American Indian culture that offers guidance if applied to the modern world.

December, 2006 It should not be beyond comprehension to understand that our imagination is the key by which our life can blossom to its full potential. We are given the opportunities to become whatever our heart desires.

August, 2004 The paths we chose will make us what we are. There are endless opportunities for change and to alter our course or path through life. A seconds split decision can change the course of your life completely, forever.

October, 2006 Are we to believe this world, this existence is all there is; wouldn't this be quite a foolhardy thought. There is literally more to this reality than meets the eye.

November, 2006 Destiny is not fate, it is a course that we must find, then create, if you don't create your own destiny fate will.

June 2006 In the continual quest to learn life's secrets, the question concerning the purpose of our existence arises.

January 2006 Colors are more than just a combination of red, blue, yellow and black, but non-verbal communication.

June 2005 The Earth’s core ‘mysteriously’ shifts causing near simultaneous antipodal earthquakes in central America, South America and Indonesia. -Forecasts of earth's magnetic field reverses that would cause more cosmic radiation to effect the earth. It's not a case of whether it will happen, but when.

June, 2005 While each of us are individual in our own way it is only a matter of time before one comes to the conclusion that we are all connected, we are all indeed one. It is the conclusion of history that we, human beings, are in fact the last apes standing, the rest have been condemed to extinction by time.

May 2005 It is true that we alone are the sole architect who can create and form our reality. It is a fact that we don't see all there is before us, our eyes ability is limited to see this dimension only, our brains filter out other imformation that it deems is unnecessary. What we conceive as reality in our minds may all be an illusion created by our mind, thus becoming the greatest lie of all. However, when you argue with reality you are going to loose for sure.

April, 2005 Photographs of 'SomeYoshino' species of Sakura, Cherry Blossoms. This year the 800 Cherry Trees in Sakura New Town were in full bloom Saturday, April 9, but the winds of Sunday April 10 left the Sakura petals falling like snow, and dancing wildly on the ground. The rains and strong winds of Monday, April 11 just about finished off the spectacular sight for this year. Some willow tree type sakura are also featured.

April 2005 Our eyes only record a small percentage of information from the world around us, filtering out many details, further details are lost when the data is passed from the eyes to the brain - therefore, we only see a small amount of what is around us. The Great Illusions site is designed to let us learn to see things differently and in more detail.

April, 2005 The definitoin of thought is the act of thinking; that is the exercise and working of the mind in any of its higher forms. Random Thoughts site is just that, a collection of random thoughts and quotes, from histories smartest and cleaverest thinkers, as well as famous and not so famous people from the past to the present collected here for you to ponder upon.

March 2005 We are now living in an era of mistruth, were lies are passed off continually as truths. Were the greater the lie the greater the admiration. This site looks at the culture of the lie and how it is invading our society.

March, 2005 Our life is our spirits dance with time, a chance to be mortal, a chance to be, intended solely as a distraction from the boredom of eternity, a time, a brief blinking to an eye that we call our life.

December 2004 The Journey of a lifetime is our own journey through this life, filled with wonder and amazement. It is there for us as time to use as we will, this life experience called our dance with the winds of time.

December, 2004 Time is the most precious commodity that we have, few know how to fully use time to the best advantage. Time is the means used to measure the passing of our lifes, the heart beating out the moments.

October 2004 Victory will always be obtained by the powerful and best equiped and not necesarily the most just or nobal cause.

October 2004 Quotes from some of the wises thinkers that ever lived. By studying their words we can learn and gain seeds of thought on which to contemplate.

July 2004 The best & cheapest medicine available - spine tickling laughter. Jokes, stories, funny quotes, quips, and one liners to bring a smile to your face.

July 2004 The victor can write history to suite themselves and leave their names immortality on the sands of time - these are their stories or the winners of wars.

June 2004 Containing a wide selection of poignant quotes and words of wisdom that have made by the rich and famous throughout the course of history.

July 2004 Covers those special and mystical places that have been built as lasting momuments throughout the world by our ancestors to gain Immortality.

June 2004 Details and stories, written across the ages, of the most fierce battles the world has ever seen and the people that fought them and why.

July 2004 These magnificent and majestic monuments to the art of fortification and design against attack, for protecting those who took refuge inside them.

1999 Original provoking ideas and thoughts about life. Contemplate these concepts ideas to find some answers to the purpose and meaning of your existence on this earth.

1998 The Though Portal &Mac253; is dedicated to bring you original thought provoking ideas about life and its purpose and though contemplate will offer you some answers to the meaning of your existance.

1999 - Newly Updated Alternative provoking ideas and thoughts about life. Contemplate these concepts to find some answers to the meaning of your life.

Nov. 2003 The Spirit-Works site has been redesigned and updated, being located at an independant sub-domain.


2002 Time Dance Life Span pages are intended as a medium to exchange thoughts and ideas on the meaning of the Dance with time we call our life.tions of life. http://spirit-dance.stevenredhead.com/TimeDance/

2002 Spirit Dance Life Span pages are a medium to exchange thoughts and ideas on how to find our secret place where we can create real peace and tranquil contentment in our lives. http://spirit-dance.stevenredhead.com/

1998 Spiritrials is the new site covering the concepts of the trials and tribulations of life.

A study into the meaning of our lives that gives us concepts to contemplate. http://www.stevenredhead.com/Memoire/

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This is a rich, high quality source of pure and natural essential oils direct from the farms in Thailand. A wide variety of oils and related materials are available.

Mindwaves is a medium to exchange thoughts on the meaning and purpose of our lives.

Further thoughts to contemplate in order to start to understand the meaning of our lives. http://stevenredhead.com/Mystic/index.htm

April 2004 Sakura Cherry blossom page with photographs of Someiyoshino species of Sakura that bloomed this month in Tokyo, Japan.

Specialist high quality hand made traditional Thai Dolls. A wide variety of types are available in various styles representing Thai culture

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2001 Find out about Candy products available in Japan. Product reports and indept detail of samples. http://stevenredhead.com/Candy/Candy.html

Aug 2003 Information about the retail chocolate market in Japan. Products reports and coments. http://www.chocolate.stevenredhead.com/

Aug. 2003 Details of fruit chocolate products concepts found on the Japanese retail confectionery market. Individual product reports and sample descriptions. available.http://chocolate.stevenredhead.com/fruits.html

Aug. 2003 Japanese strawberry chocolate retail confectionery market information page. Individual product reports and sample photos and evaluation.

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This new site covers a wealth of famous quotes from the rich and famous for you to ponder over and learn from.
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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955) (attributed)

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