The Ecology pages of StevenRedhead.Com are devoted to issues related to the quality of the air we breath and water we drink

We Ask the question; isn't it every human beings birthright to breath pure air and drink pure water.

How can I sell you the air, the sky, water, the clouds, sunshine, even the earth itself, for they have been here for all time, even before we existed; for these are not mine to sell, they belong to all mankind".

Every single thing around you, no matter how complex or simple came from the earth. That these things were created from almost nothing are a miracle in itself to comprehend. Yet as the minds of man created these things so too can you create your own environment and future.

Water For Sale.
When purchasing bottled water does anyone actually considers the absurdity of this. Water is a natural resource that belongs to all men, and as such everyone has a given right to have natural pure clean water available to them at all times.

That one drop of water that has been in existence, in one form or another, since the beginning of time on earth. It has taken on many different structures over the eons of time. Water is scarce on this earth at this time because it is now taking on different forms, be it human, animal, plant, etc. The natural balance has been effected by excess population increases, the selfish use of the earths resources and destruction of our environment.

Air Shortage.
Will the day come when we have to purchase oxygen bottles, the way we buy water today - hey that day has already arrived.

Air We Breath.
If correct, 10~15% of people suffer breathing problems, some cause by poor air quality, or other allergies. We need to improve air quality urgently.

Something in The Air.
Did you ever notice how soft the wind seems near the ocean, in a forest or the mountains. The reason the air in the cities feels so abrasive against our skin is due to pollutants carried in the air.

Time is of the essence.
Time goes by at such a rapid pace that with the numerous demands of the day, there is hardly time to breath. Yet without savoring the moment your reason for being will be negated and the experience diminished.

Polution of your space.
It is imperative that you disencourage intruders from intruding upon your personal space, try to disallow or avoid persons intruding upon or invading this private space. It belongs to you and should be guarded and respected as such.

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