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    Powers of the heart

    Enliven your passions to create your own reality by focusing on unifying the Power of the Heart and Mind to create the life of your dreams.

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    Powers of the heart

    Creating Your Reality offers directions on how to return to your true life path.

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  • Life wasn't really meant to be difficult

    Powers of the heart
    • Start to listen to your heartfelt desires.

      Life Is Not What You Wish It To Be, But Rather It’s What You Make It.

      The Power of The Heart series provides the inspirational direction for how to enliven the heart consciousness, then linking that state to the subconscious and conscious mind; then in turn connect to the higher consciousness. The inspiration of the heart linked with the higher consciousness once in prefect sync provides a powerful force to not only drive but create reality in the way you have programmed through logical thought.

      By bringing ‘Heart Power’ more to the fore you can learn to accentuate the capabilities of your heart consciousness, thereby gaining increased control over your environment, including how what surrounds you interact with you and your environment. Those near to you don’t always have your best interests at heart, but by using Heart Power you can have the power within your heart to control just as much of your external world as you can with your mind.

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      • The Unified Heart And Mind

        YThe mind limits what is acknowledged to exist through determined perception, keeping the observation of the world to a basic minimum base of survival requirements in most cases. Moving out of the mental reality trap will enable a greater observation and appreciation of the true world at large, but also to less filtering and more specific view of one’s personal environmental reality. There is no necessity to manipulate reality, for with the unified conscious capacity of the heart and mind restored it is possible to mould and enable your own specific experiences with greater accuracy.

        Many abilities that were once, or still are, attributed to the mind, were in fact they originate in or in conjunction with the heart. Whenever you consider some emotion while focusing upon your heart, if that emotion makes your heart beat faster then that emotion is controlled by the heart, otherwise the control is likely driven by the mind. In reverse you can control emotions or create situations you desire by bringing the heart into play. Some well known intuitive sensors are a sense of unease, sadness, love, hate, trust, desire for things, expectancy, caution, and so on.

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      • Powers of the heart

        • Life Is Simply A Game

          In life you may win or loose, it's just like playing a game.

          Life is indeed a game that we all play to pass time; simply a series of days strung together, made up of how you planned or decided to spend the moments.

          Like any game how well it is played or whether life's circumstances are interpreted then used to the best advantage makes losers and winners to varying degrees.

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          • Control Your World

            The world in which you live is limited to specifics; the times and places, where you are at any particular moment. As these locations are generalized and constantly repeatable within a fixed cycle for most people, the direct personal variability of experiences of the world is confined to those places.

            Life can be, as it is for most people, like riding a Ferris wheel; were experiences continue constantly within a fixed repeatable cycle; at best with slight variations. Rather than living 365 days, one day is repeated 365 times.

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          • Life wasn't really meant to be difficult

            Powers of the heart

            • Creating Your Reality

              Start Living By Taking Back Control of your Life.

              Life is an opportunity to see how the application of personal creative powers produces results. In life you can practice the power to create within your reality what has been conceived initially within the mind becomes manifests in your life. There is the opportunity to work on finely tuning the creative abilities until your desires can be accurately replicated within reality.

              Everyone actually has the ability to create whatever they may want; whether you create with preciseness by achieving your desires depends solely upon the clarity and intensity that you are able to apply to bring these desires to life.

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              • Controlling Creation

                You create each moment from the massive number of thoughts that you have, either consciously or subconsciously. Some experiences come to dominate your life, while others are fleeting in their ability to make an effect, yet they all contribute on some level towards your reality. The remainder of reality is either created by others or randomly by fate. By taking full control of your thoughts it becomes possible to take back the management of each element of your entire life; which can then be used as you specifically desire, outside the influence and manipulation of others or chance.

                Everyone is given chances to choose how to manage life however they wish, the opportunity to freely take the course to solely follow one's own desires; or alternatively be subservient to the desires of others who then reap the benefits of any efforts.

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